Monday, April 28, 2014

Return to the Mountains

I adjust my hands on the steering wheel, my fists clenching tightly around it as a surge of excitement pulses through my body. My eyes are poised on the highway before me. Just ahead, it curves in just a way that the hills are blocking the view that I am so desperate to see. In this moment, the car seems to move at an even more sluggish pace than the weight of the boxes crammed into every possible space had had it moving before........

Monday, April 7, 2014

Reputation & Brand Marketing – 760-709-1351

Welcome to our Reputation Marketing Program for 2014 – If your a business owner take a quick look at the video below to understand why reviews and getting found online is critical to getting new customers and new profits. Call Steve Taylor at 760-709-1351 if you have questions after watching this video. Learn More about the Packages we can offer Your Local Business!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simple Ways to Get Google+ Local and Yelp Reviews

Review are more important then you think for your business.  Like it or not for now we are stuck with Yelp and Google Reviews effecting our businesses.  We have found that being proactive in monitoring, harvesting and marketing reviews is the only way to cash in on this system. We have put together a simple E Book you can quickly read and start implementing in your business today to get great reviews.   If you need help with any of the mentioned tips we have systems in place to take care of the work for you. Click the image to read & print out the FREE E Book.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yelp Reviews Killing Your Business? – 760-709-1351

Attention Business Owners: Do you know what customers are saying about you online? Are they leaving you BAD REVIEWS on sites like Yelp Bing Yahoo Google Merchant Circle etc (about 15-20 other local review sites) Most new customers check a companies reviews online 1st, then decide to call you (or not). >>> What are they going to find out when they look for you? Biggest Internet Game Changer in 2013 for you: Go to, type in ANY company name and the city they re located in you will get their Zaggot / Google score right there next to the website. Is it a good score? Is it poor? Does it even reflect ANY reviews at all? I can show you how to fix a bad or non-existent reputation and get you a 5 STAR REPUTATION fast. This builds TRUST with potential customers who are looking at you online. It also shows them you re the go to company and a leader in your profession with a great 5 Star reputation. Think about how powerful that is from a marketing perspective. 5 Star Reputation = New C