Saturday, December 27, 2014

12-26-2014 - Mammoth Snow Shots from The Snowman |

12-26-2014 1pm – Mammoth Mountain, California - It’s the biggest Holiday week in Mammoth Lakes so we sent Snowman out to check out the most current post Christmas Day conditions. Some great soft to firmed by the wind packed powder on and off the groomed runs on Mammoth Mountain. Feels like winter with a temperature of around 10 when they opened the lifts today. Snowman reported his camera froze 2x times from the cold conditions. In these images G2 was closed from 75 MPH NE wind gusts. FYI: click on any photo to see it full size and then use our Gallery Photo Player.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mammoth Mountain Snow & Weather Conditions on 12-22-2014

The window-cast shows clear skies over Mammoth Mountain. We currently have access to some great packed powder conditions from Chair 4 up to the top of the mountain. At times the wind has been blowing just perfect to create that nice soft powdered sugar surface out on the groomers and off piste.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12-17-2014 Mammoth Snow Shots from The Snowman |

It was a dark cloudy & foggy day with snow showers at time on Mammoth Mountain. Canyon Lodge and Eagle Lodge opened up for the first time this season. Here are some images so you can see what it was like this morning out on Mammoth Mountain.

Monday, December 15, 2014

12-14-2014 - Mammoth Mountain Video Snow Report w/ The Snowman

Mammoth has got some great skiing and riding on a base of 2-3 feet. Come on up for some packed powder fun! Canyon Lodge is set to open on Wednesday and The Night of light is set for this Saturday. With Canyon opening they plan on adding in 5, 8, 16 & 17. Chair 15 and Little Eagle is also in the works to open if they can get enough snow made in that area. Please watch for early season obsticals, it's still low tide out there. Get our complete Mammoth Mountain Snow Blog & Photo Snow Shots at Mammoth Mountain Snow Report: Main Lodge to the Top Base: 24-36 inches Lifts Open: 1,2,3,4,6,10,11,12,13,14 along with, G1 and G2 Runs Open 50+ Hours of Operation: 8:30AM to 4PM

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12-13-2014 - After the Storm Photos |

Mammoth Mountain, California – The ski area is looking better and better as we move toward the Christmas Holiday Season. Snowman was out for a couple hours on Saturday to get some After the Storm Snow Shots. There are about 100 photos so you can see whats it like out on Mammoth Mountain. Hope to see you out on the hill real soon as Winter is here. FYI: click on any photo to see it full size and then use our Gallery Photo Player. The images will come alive if you hit the full screen button. Snowman out…

Friday, December 12, 2014

Mammoth Mountain Conditions PM Update 12-12-2014 |

Looking at snow totals as of 2PM, so far at the 9000 foot level we have 13 inches of snow with 1.37 of water content. Up top an estimated 17 – 20 inches of new snow at this point in time. At the 8175 foot level I just measured 7 inches of new settled snow, with light snow flakes falling. Looking at the radar we have 2 more waves of light precipitation to move thru and more showers after that. Mammoth could see 1-5 inches of additional snow by the morning.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Big Storm on the Way for Mammoth Mountain with 1-3+ Feet of Snow Possible

A Winter Storm Warning has been posted for Thursday into Friday, the snowfall outlook at this time is for 18-24 inches of new snow by Saturday morning at the 9000 foot level. And up to 28-34 inches of new snow from MC Coy Station up to the top of Mammoth Mountain. Down in town a good 10-20 inches is in the forecast depending on you’re elevation. Snow levels look to start at 7500 feet and drop down to 6000 feet for some powder on top of the new base snow. When will also this snowfall start? It’s looking like mid to late day Thursday and last into mid day Friday. By late Friday the snowfall should turn to snow showers and then end early Saturday. Next week we have more snow in outlook!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mammoth Mountain Snow Shots 12-9-2014 |

Mammoth Mountain Snow Shots these will serve as the before the storm images. We got base but just not enough to really open things up. Let's see how things change over the next 3 days. Pray for Snow!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Mammoth Photo Shots 12-5-2014 |

Got over 50 Snow Shots today, here is the link we have them at now in the preferred full size version so you can really see what it is like out on Mammoth Mountain. Today's Photos Sponsored by Footloose Sports

Mammoth Mountain Update 12-5-2014 |

Mammoth Mountain, California - We will be skiing and riding on some really fun natural groomed out packed powder today. The storm also left enough snow that Mammoth Mountain is also planning on opening up chair 12 today and on Saturday G2 servicing Cornice Bowl. Also to note Saturday is early ups if you have a MVP ski pass. Yes I hear they will be serving bacon at MC Coy. Current Weather & Snow Conditions out on the Hill: at 7AM it’s 22 up top with a 30 at the main lodge along with SW winds gusting to 27 at 11,053 feet and gusting to 15 MPH at Main Lodge. Now that the storm has left the area Snowman will be out getting some fresh images and video today you can see what it’s like out there. Check back at 5pm today for a full report from the hill in video, blog and photos.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mammoth Mountain Photo Snow Report 12-3-2014 |

Got some images of the new snowfall. We are up to 12-18 inches of new so far with light snow at times.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mammoth Weather Guy Storm Forecast Update 12-2-2014 6PM |

Light to moderate snowfall will pick up again overnight and continue at times through Wednesday night with just a few breaks and snow showers ending Thursday afternoon. About 8” has already fallen at the Main Lodge and another foot or slightly more should fall by the time the snow ends Thursday with about 3 feet up top. Dry weather returns Friday with just a very slight chance for light snow showers or flurries early Saturday. Sunday and into early next week should be dry with just clouds at times with the next chance for snow around Thursday/Friday next week and this could be a good storm. Another chance will occur around the 15th. Overall though, a major storm cycle is not expected at this time through mid-December or so.

It's Snowing - Expecting 2-3 feet up Top! |

The window cast shows moderate to heavy snow falling at times with no real winds from town and up to the main lodge. Looking at radar we might be getting a break from the snow in a hour. So far we have picked up 5.5 inches here in the slopes on my spa that sits out in a open space. Up at the Snow Study site at 9000 feet there is 7 inches of new snow. Snow Levels have been way below what was forecast with 2-3 inches of snow at Toms Place.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Time for a Storm - Expecting 3-4 feet up Top! |

Mammoth Mountain, California - 12-1-2014 - 8:01 AM - We are still expecting a nice sierra cement base building snow storm event for Mammoth Mountain….. QPF & Snowfall totals according to our own Mammoth Weather Guy, around 3-4+ inches of water at 6/8:1 snow fall rations. We could see 2 – 3 feet at Main with as much as 3-4 feet of heavy wet snow up top by Thursday morning. Snow levels are forecast to be around 8500 – 9000 feet for Tuesday. As the day moves on we could see snow levels down to 8000 and then 7500 on Tuesday night. There should be enough snow for 2-3 plows above 8000 feet and at least one in the lower parts of town.